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Hatching new market access for poultry

A range of Australian poultry products can now be exported to Thailand and Indonesia, after new health agreements were negotiated between the Australian Government and two of Australia’s key South-East Asian trading partners.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Barnaby Joyce, said the agreements extended what was already a growing trade in Asia.

“Indonesia and Thailand have each agreed to health conditions which will allow Australian exporters to send a range of poultry products into these new markets,” Minister Joyce said.

“These agreements allow for the export of hatching eggs and live day-old chickens to Thailand, and live day-old chickens to Indonesia.

“Trade in these products helps support genetic improvement in overseas flocks, gives more choice to Australian exporters and offers new opportunities to grow their businesses.”

Minister Joyce said technical market access agreements were helping many Australian farmers take advantage of new opportunities made possible under free trade agreements.

“Ensuring farmers have better market access and more choice of customer benefits farming families, their communities and the wider Australian economy,” Minister Joyce said.

“Australian companies already export breeding poultry to many countries throughout Asia, and the Australian Government has negotiated technical access to 16 markets for these products since 2013.

“In 2014 the trade was worth more than $1 million, with Australia sending fertilised eggs and live fowls to countries including Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines.

“The Australian Government is doing all it can to drive profits back through the farmgate by pursuing improved technical market access, and through negotiating trade agreements.”

As part of a market access initiative under the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper, three of the recently appointed five new agricultural counsellors have now commenced their postings in South East Asia.

Australia now has counsellors working in Jakarta, Bangkok, Hanoi and Kuala Lumpur.

Technical market access is an increasingly important part of work to enhance trade with our South-East Asian neighbours, with Australia’s agriculture exports to South-East Asia worth around $10 billion in 2014-15.

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