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Vines strike a pose for the new VitiCanopy app

The ability to analyse multiple images at once, GPS capability to create maps of the spatial variability of canopy size, and Cloud storage, are just some of the new upgrades to VitiCanopy, the University of Adelaide-developed mobile app that helps grapegrowers manage their vineyards more effectively.

Funded by Wine Australia and the University of Adelaide, VitiCanopy provides users with a quick and simple way to measure grapevine canopy from images uploaded to the app for analysis.

Co-developer, Dr Roberta De Bei from the University of Adelaide’s School of Agriculture, Food and Wine said, “Grapevine canopy size is known to play a role in yield, grape quality and the potential productivity of future seasons.”

“Monitoring the differences in canopy size within vineyards is a useful way to identify problems that could be related to pests and disease, water status and nutrient status,” Dr De Bei said.

“Once grapevine canopy measurements are known, they can be compared against previous seasons to identify optimal traits for grape quality and maximum yield.”

The creators of VitiCanopy say the new features make visualising a lot of data even easier, with reports produced not only as CSV files but also in map format, providing visual oversight of canopy size across the entire vineyard.

Co-developer, Associate Professor Cassandra Collins from the University of Adelaide’s School of Agriculture, Food and Wine said, “the app has also moved into the Cloud environment, which means images are uploaded directly to the Cloud, saving on phone battery and storage.

“VitiCanopy’s upgrade also includes a user-friendly and intuitive website providing additional information on how to get the most value from the app’s analysis and reporting tools,” Associate Professor Collins said.

Wine Australia General Manager Research, Development and Adoption Dr Liz Waters said the app is a strong addition to the diagnostic toolbox available to growers.

“Measurement of grapevine canopy size is critical to assess growth, vigour and vine water requirements,” Dr Waters said.

“VitiCanopy is a valuable tool to help monitor vineyard differences in canopy size, which can help to identify problems early so that strategies and resources can be put in place to maximise vineyard productivity and profitability.”

Visit or download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Source: University of Adelaide

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