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New national deer management leader appointed to tackle a growing problem

national deer management leader
Dr Annelise Wiebkin is the new National Deer Management Coordinator who will support community-led deer control in all states and territories. Targeted facilitation will be used to dramatically increase both participation and motivation of neighbouring farmers to reduce feral deer impacts.

Feral deer are in the spotlight for Dr Annelise Wiebkin who starts today (October 1 2020) in the brand-new role of National Deer Management Coordinator through the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions and based with the South Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regions.

Feral deer are becoming an increasing problem across Australia. In some parts of Australia, they are causing significant impacts on agriculture, the environment, and are spreading rapidly across the country.

Annelise will be working with stakeholders across government, industry, and the community to co-develop a National Feral Deer Management Action Plan and will join Dr Heather Channon, the National Feral Pig Management Coordinator and Greg Mifsud, the National Wild Dog Management Coordinator who are also in similar roles.

Annelise said she is looking forward to working with groups of farmers and land managers across the country to raise awareness of and participation in feral deer management activities.

“Feral deer are a national problem, they are becoming more visible in the environment, causing more impacts and more accidents on roads. We know the problem is going to need flexible but coordinated approaches in each species of deer in each jurisdiction.

“I want to work with communities that have feral deer problems to develop their own coordinated control programs, and also, with those groups who may not yet have a big problem to be proactive, before deer impacts get worse,” Annelise said.

Andreas Glanznig, CEO for the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions welcomed Annelise to the national role and emphasised the importance of such positions.

“While the deer problem is still emerging in some areas, in others, clear action is needed, this national role ensures that action taken will be coordinated and all levels of stakeholders are engaged and kept informed,” Andreas said.

The National Deer Management Coordinator will initially deliver on three main project outcomes:

  1. Promote awareness of and control tools for effective deer management.
  2. Coordinate community-led deer monitoring, mapping, and control initiatives.
  3. Develop of a national action plan.

“This project aims to invigorate governments, industry and community to work together to tackle the problem,” Annelise said.

This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment through the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions and led by SA Department of Primary Industries and Regions. The role is funded until the end of June 2022.

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