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From knowledge to know-how – motivating landholders to take management action

Professor Don Hine and Dr Lynette McLeod are currently leading one of our Centre’s key behaviour change projects looking at how we can accelerate sustainable landholder-led participation in best practice wild dog management techniques through application of behavioural science and targeted engagement.

This is no easy task and understanding landholder motivations and inhibitions in wanting to undertake management is imperative to achieve impact.

Over the past 12 months, Dr McLeod has conducted a number of stakeholder interviews with wild dog coordinators, researchers and other personnel from organisations across the wild dog management spectrum in Australia.

These interviews have identified 17 key behaviours the researchers now which to better understand.

Lynette and the team are devising a number of next steps which include analysing the landholder surveys to focus on a number of key interventions tailored to various wild dog control groups across the country.

They are also working with wild dog coordinators across the country to inform this and setting up community of practice with the coordinators through online platform.

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