Catch, click and release’ technology to be used in Perth’s biggest family fishing event

For the first time in its 30-year history, Swanfish 2018 will not only be a predominately catch and release event but will also incorporate ‘catch, click and release’ technology to collect data on local fish species.

Swanfish, which is Perth’s biggest and longest running family fishing event, will take place on the banks of Perth’s Swan River at Garvey Park, Ascot on February 24-25 2018.

Recfishwest, who organises the popular event, has taken a new direction with the event so that it aligns with the conservation values of the fishing community.

Fishers will have the opportunity to become citizen scientists for the day with the use of the Swanfish smartphone app.

Participants who catch a fish will be able to take a photo of it and quickly release the fish back into the wild. They can then log their catch into the app to provide data that will help shape our understanding of local fish species.

By logging their catch, fishers go into the draw to win some great prizes which have been provided by local businesses.

Source: WA Government

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