Daly delivers another $10,000 Barra

Another Territorian is thousands of dollars richer after catching a tagged Barramundi from the NT Government’s Season 2 Million Dollar Fish competition.

The 72cm Barra was caught on the Daly River by Howard Springs man Craig “Curly” Saxelby.

Mr Saxelby used live bait to hook the winner which is the eighth prize-tagged fish and the fifth from land based fishing to be caught this season.

Department of Tourism and Culture CEO Alastair Shields said “A big congratulations to Craig on his prized catch, what a way to start the New Year. This win should encourage more anglers to have a go.”

“There are still seven weeks left in 2017’s competition and plenty of tagged fish waiting to be caught, including the million dollar barra. Tagged fish were released across the Top End of the Northern Territory, from Arnhem Land to the Katherine region, Tiwi Islands, Kakadu and Darwin.”

The lucky fisherman says he and his mates Christian Ehling and Dazza Nelson made a pact on the way down to the Daly River “We agreed if one of us gets a tagged fish the catcher gets 8k and the two others get a grand each.”

“The boys were on one side and I was on the other, then a big boof, it smashed out of the water and I yelled I got a red tag. We were high fiving, cuddling and kissing. We couldn’t fish for the rest of the day we were so excited.

“The Daly river is really pumping at the moment. We were in the middle of the flood planes on the culvert near the river, water as far as you can see and just happened to be in the right place at the right time,” explained Curly.

The men say their prize money will go towards more fishing adventures.

CrownBet Strategic Partnership Manger Brad Fanning added “It looks like the Barra are back on the bite.

CrownBet is extremely excited for Craig’s catch, make sure you all get in and register and try your luck.

There is still over $1.9 Million dollars’ worth of red tags swimming around in the NT waterways waiting to be caught.”

In Season 2 of Million Dollar Fish, 101 Barramundi were tagged and released across the Territory with 100 carrying $10,000 cash prize tags.

The win means there are still 92 $10,000 Barra lurking and the prized million dollar fish to be caught.

Snapshot of tagged fish caught in Season 2:

  • 2 caught in 2017
  • 5 out of 8 have been caught by land based fishing
  • 4 out of 8 caught on the Daly River
  • 2 out of 8 caught on the Darwin Harbour
  • 1 out of 8 caught in Corroboree Billabong
  • 1 out of 8 caught in Darwin River
  • $80,000 in prize money won to date

The Million Dollar Fish competition runs from 1 October 2016 – 28 February 2017.

Image: Christian Ehling, Craig Saxelby and Dazza Nelson with $10K prize and tagged barra

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